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This website is the ultimate global search platform for everything you love about New York City. We provide a seamless experience as you research, plan, and purchase the best NYC travel and leisure experiences – from legendary Broadway shows and electric concerts to thrilling sporting events, immersive tours, and excursions.


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Since 2015, our site has welcomed over 50 million visitors and driven over $200 million in total event ticket sales. Our loyal audience of locals and international visitors turn to us as their trusted search and shopping engine for planning and buying the best of NYC entertainment and travel.

Our goal is to provide you with the best available event tickets and tours and do it at the lowest price. We will use the internet’s newest technology and the state’s most loyal locals to bring you every NYC event and let you see and love NYC the way I do. We strive to curate the best and freshest information about events at every venue in New York City and its surrounding areas.

We are NYC’s one-stop shop for Broadway shows, top-rated concerts, and the biggest and best of all sporting events. Where other websites will say ‘sold out,’ we will have them. If our site has it, it is authentic, and we guarantee our ticket sales, meaning they are good throughout the entire purchase process, whether you pick them up at the venue or deliver them to your home.

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New York City | Virtual Tour
New York City | Virtual Tour